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3 Things you should have if you are pursuing a career in development.

A degree from a university or certificate from a programming boot camp is a great start. Here are 3 things you will help you land a position as a developer and make life a little easier once you are in the position. .

There are some specific things you can do if you are seeking, or are in, a career in development: Establish and be active with Github, create an active Stack Overflow account and establish an account and be active with LinkedIn.

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Day 200 of my Great Job Search –


I am now into day 200 of my Great Job Search. I’m getting a steady influx of calls from recruiters. I’ve tweaked my job search a little.  I apply a principle  I call PEER to a lot of aspects of my life. It is Plan, Execute, Evaluate, Revise.   There are a lot of variations of that methodology used by many people. 

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COVID-19 Pandemic Information

See our Prepping and Survival Category for tips, tricks and hacks to help with the current Covid-19 outbreak. 


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