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Have you ever been in a museum looking at the displays and then realizing that you had ‘one of those’ when you were younger?

It could be something as simple as a Styrofoam tunnel for a train set.

It could also be something such as a vintage skee ball game in an arcade.

Target Holes for Skee Ball

Target Holes for Skee Ball

The beauty of nostalgia is that it evokes a simpler, happier time. It might be something we remember from our youth or something from an earlier time. Either way, it is something that can bring us some pleasure, even if for a short time.



At least it was an improvement over doing the wash by hand.

My grandmother had one of these in the 1970’s. The tub was the washer. The top part was a hand cranked or powered wringer. If you never knew the origin of “Don’t get your ___ caught in the ringer” this picture should explain it. The whole process was very manual as you can see in the video below.  I came across this while buying a modern dryer at Anchor Appliance in Tuckerton New Jersey (Got a good deal too!!). They had a collection of old appliance but unfortunately they had a fire. I’m not sure if any of the vintage appliances survived or were replaced.

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