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Jack Ma on failure and rejection

Jack Ma failed his primary school test twice  and failed is secondary school test twice. He was rejected for a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken. 24 people applied. He was the only one rejected. He was one of five applicants for the police force. He was the only one rejected. He applied to Harvard 10 times and was always rejected. So, who is this dismal failure?

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Witold Pilecki – He volunteered to enter Aushwitz to gain information about the camp.

Witold Pilecki was a Polish Officer who formed a resistance army after the Nazis invaded Poland. He volunteered to be captured and imprisoned in the Auschwitz death camp to gather intelligence. As a prisoner, he passed information to the Allies regarding the truth of the camp. He helped the prisoners as best as he could and eventually escaped.

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14 things you should be doing even if you aren’t currently seeking a job

Complacency can be deadly. Here are 14 things that you should be doing even if you are happy and feel secure in your new job.

Many workers completely abandon any trace of job seeking when they are working. This can be from being complacent or perhaps ‘there just isn’t enough time’ or ‘that isn’t a priority right now’. Continue reading

Clifford Stoll – An astronomy professor who stopped a hacker

In 1986, Cliff Stoll was an Astronomy Professor at Berkley. When a computer administrator was on leave, Cliff was in charge of the systems. He found a 75 cent accounting error and started tracking it down. He eventually exposed a Soviet Bloc hacker who was stealing US Military secrets. His book, The Cuckoo’s Egg details the security issues that allowed the hacker to penetrate some of the most secure systems. The problem is that these vulnerabilities still exist today.

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel – An Amazing Engineer.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a British engineer who left an amazing legacy in his 53 short years. This was the time of the Industrial Revolution. He had vision and drive far beyond most men. His works included Ships, Bridges, Tunnels and Railroads. Most of his works were larger than life such as the amazing Great Eastern Steamship.

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Potassium Iodide and Potassium Iodate – the “Anti Radiation Pills”

The Oyster Creek Nuclear plant in New Jersey just announced an “Unusual Event” due to extremely low tides. The engineers reacted quickly and professionally and reduced power until the situation was back to normal.

However, this does highlight the importance of being prepared for a nuclear emergency. Potassium Iodide and Potassium Iodate provide some specific protection in the event of a nuclear event. Iodine will NOT protect you from massive radiation or fallout. It will however, provide some protection.  Continue reading