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Thoughts about careers, jobs and job searching with a focus on tech jobs for older job searchers.

Colleges and Universities don’t provide a complete package to equip you for finding and keeping a position, especially in the tech field.

It is rare to find an institution of higher learning that includes concepts such as agile management in their ‘web development’ curriculum. Nor do they include any practical experience with content management such as Github or SVN. This leaves graduates struggling to catch up upon entering the real world.

An overwhelming majority of schools fail to teach students how to effectively network. Putting your resume out is one thing. But millions of other people are also doing that. What sets you apart from the pack?

Below are posts with tips, hints and hacks to help you gain a slight edge in getting and keeping a position.


Day 200 of my Great Job Search –

I am now into day 200 of my Great Job Search. I’m getting a steady influx of calls from recruiters. I’ve tweaked my job search a little.  I apply a principle  I call PEER to a lot of aspects of my life. It is Plan, Execute, Evaluate, Revise.   There are a lot of variations of that methodology used by many people.  Continue reading

The Great Job Search Saga – Day 184 – Some lessons learned

I’m now on day 184 of my job search. I’m getting 1-2 US recruiter calls per day and about 1-2 offshore recruiter calls.
The offshore recruiters are looking to fill US jobs. I’ve learned to ask where the position is located when they first call. I’m not interested in relocating at this time. 
I’m waiting on a start date for a job with a government contractor. However, some members of congress are holding things up for their own vote getting agenda. 
I’m getting more sideline work for Joomla, Ruby on Rails and WordPress. That is helping quite a bit. The more I see, the more I believe that the IT job market is semi controlled chaos. The whole process is ripe for someone to come up with a product or service to make sense of things.

Continue reading

14 things you should be doing even if you aren’t currently seeking a job

Complacency can be deadly. Here are 14 things that you should be doing even if you are happy and feel secure in your new job.

Many workers completely abandon any trace of job seeking when they are working. This can be from being complacent or perhaps ‘there just isn’t enough time’ or ‘that isn’t a priority right now’. Continue reading

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