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Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do it yourself tips, projects and fails.

Do it yourself is often born out of necessity. Finding a trustworthy person to do certain tasks at a reasonable price is often difficult.

In some cases, finances dictate that you need to take on a major project by yourself. One example is patching and sealing an deteriorating asphalt driveway. To have it resurfaced by a contractor would cost upwards of 15 thousand dollars which exceeded the available funds. The alternative was to patch and seal it to stabilize it for now.

Filled and unfilled driveway cracks

Filled and unfilled driveway cracks

Other projects are small such as adding a spinner handle on a water shut off valve to speed things up. This is something that requires a bit of ingenuity to conceive and execute.

There are also things you do out of expediency such as using a pipe wrench to straighten bent metal.

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