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Christopher G Mendla

I am a full stack web developer, IT Manager, Project Manager, Educator, Technologist and someone who maintains a keen interest in life and the world around me.

2020 03 19 – Ugly vibes and tribalism – A second home might not be a refuge.

Unfortunately an event like the current pandemic brings out the good, bad and ugly in people. I’m seeing people at shore communities becoming dangerously hostile to ‘outsiders’. A second home always seemed to be a possible refuge if things ‘went bad’. Unfortunately this isn’t true. 

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Is my room humidifier making me sick?

The answer to the question “is my room humidifier making me sick?” could very well be a resounding “Yes”. During the winter many homes need additional humidity, especially homes with forced air heat. Ultrasonic and steam humidifiers are a popular way to increase humidity. However, even with careful cleaning, they can harbor algae, slime and bacteria. 

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COVID-19 Pandemic Information

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