A quick tip for cutting a bolt.

How to cut a bolt

I was working on a project where I needed to use bolts. The bolts I had in my supplies were about 1/2″ longer than what I needed. There is an easy way to cut a bolt. 

Is the bolt too long? Here is a quick tip.

There has been shortages of hardware and plumbing supplies due to the Covid Lockdowns. I found myself in the middle of a project and needed bolts about a half inch shorter than what I had.

I could make a run to the local hardware store, but they have gaps in their stock. I might not have been able to get the bolts I needed.

There is a simple trick for cutting bolts. Thread a nut past where you want to cut. When you remove the nut, it usually cleans the threads up neatly.

  • Secure the nut and bolt in a vise. Don’t overtighten to the point where you deform the nut.
  • Cut the bolt with a hacksaw or cutting tool. NOTE – The bolt will probably be warm or hot after cutting
  • You can bevel the end of the nut with a file but that isn’t usually necessary
  • Remove the nut. You might need wrenches or pliers. Check to make sure it threads back on easily.
  • You are ready to go.
  • Note: If you are using galvanized bolts, bare metal will be exposed. That could lead to corrosion or rust although rust at the end should not cause significant problems.


This can save a lot of aggravation when you need a shorter bolt and don’t want to run to the store or wait for an online order to be delivered.

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