Crazy Covid cleaning supplies pricings

Three bottles of disinfectant spray to battle Covid

Certain cleaning supplies have been hard to get.  I was in a big box discount club store and came across a three pack of disinfectant spray for $15.99.  I was shocked when I looked at the ingredients. 

Didn’t anyone ever clean their house or office before Covid?

My house is definitely not something you would see featured in Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart. However, I did regularly clean. I really liked the yellow bottles of Lysol all purpose cleaner. It worked great.

After the Covid flu scares, almost all cleaning products are missing from the shelves of our grocery store. It is difficult to say if people are going crazy cleaning or if it is a supply issue. I’m picturing people hosing down every surface of their home or office to the point that it is dripping like a rain forest.

You can find some cleaning supplies for slightly higher prices at the big box home stores and local hardware stores.

You always get good deals at the Big Box Club Stores, right?

As I was doing my bulk shopping at our local members only box store, I saw a three pack of disinfectant spray for around $15. That seemed a little high.

Read the ingredients

When I took a look at the ingredients, my opinion of the price went from “A little high” to “You have to be kidding me. I’m ready to roll on the floor laughing my ass off”

The main ingredient was plain old common everyday Hydrogen Peroxide at 2.4 percent. That was listed as the only active ingredient. The other 97.6 percent was “inert ingredients”.

I could buy three 32 ounce bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide at the box store across the street for .92 cents each for a savings of $13.23. MAYBE the ‘inert ingredients’ included a little bit of soap but really? If you wanted a spray bottle, you can pick 3 up for a buck each at the dollar store and still be ahead by 10 bucks.

Given the Covid hysteria and shortages of cleaning supplies, be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

The scary part is that it seemed as though this product was selling at a good pace.

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