Repairing mini blinds

Broken mini blind slat - How to replace

I had a mini blind on a door with a broken slat. I didn’t want to run out to get a replacement and didn’t feel like ordering one so I repaired it. 

A broken slat

One of the slats broke on the mini blind on the door to my backyard. It is a 64″ cordless mini blind. I use it every day. I could have purchased a replacement at a home store or online for less than ten dollars. I decided to try repairing it just for the heck of it.

The Plan

The design is simple. One each side there are three vertical cords. Between the cords is a pair of cords for each slat. The slat sits on the cords. The center cord runs through a hole in the slat on each side.

You could just remove the broken slat but that would look like a missing tooth.

Do you have a slat for a replacement?

In most cases, you will have a couple of slats at the bottom of the blind when it is fully extended. If so, you have a replacement slat.

Remove the broken slat

Carefully cut the slat to the hole with a pair of diagonals. Be careful not to cut any of the cords. Instead of cutting straight to the hole, I cut at an angle. I think making a straight cut would work better.

Remove the replacement slat

Remove the replacement slat the same way you removed the broken slat.

Cut 2 splints from the old slat

Take the old slat and cut two splints that are about 6″ long. You can round the edges with scissors. Use an exacto knife to create the center holes. Cut from the outside so you can fit the slat over the center cord. I didn’t get them exactly the same length but it really doesn’t matter. The idea is to have them long enough to support the replacement slat

The replacement slat will be weaker because you will have to cut it to get the center cord through.

Prepare the replacement slat

Simply cut straight to the holes in the center the same way you did for the splints.

Lay the replacement slat in place.

Lay the replacement slat in place OVER the dual cords that support the slat. Be careful to not bend it. Fit the center cords through the slices you made to the center holes. The ends may droop.

Attach the splints

WEAR GLOVES and eye protection. I used a Dap Rapid Fuse which is a cyanoacrylate. That is a sort of superglue so watch your eyes and skin.

I spread a thin coat of the glue on the splint. Balance the slits you made for the center holes. In other words, if the slits on the replacement slat face the outside, then the slits for the splints should face the inside.

Apply pressure for about 30 seconds.

Repeat for the other side.


You can see the repair if you are looking for it and are close. The average person coming into the room is going to see 60 slats if the blinds are down. In other words, it won’t matter.

The splints provided enough support for the slat.


It took about 15 minutes to save 10 dollars. It would have taken an hour to drive to the store and back. I had the glue already from another project.

From a couple of feet away, I doubt that the average person would notice the repair.

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