It is frightening to think that some people need to be told to not throw rocks at water snakes.

A sign warning morons about throwing rocks at snakes

I try to have a positive outlook on humanity but some times humanity just doesn’t measure up. 

My girlfriend and I were in New Hope Pennsylvania and came across this sign at the water’s edge. New Hope sits on the Delaware river. 

I’m trying to contemplate the events that caused the authorities to perceive the need for such as sign. 

Obviously some morons, for some unknown reason, decided to throw stones at the water snakes. Now when I hear “Water Snake”, I think of Copperheads, Cottonmouths or some other ill tempered, nasty venomous reptile.  What could possibly go wrong by pissing off a venomous creature with a reptilian brain?  

When I see stuff like this I kick myself hard in the butt for not being a millionaire or billionaire. If there are people who are idiotic enough to throw stones at snakes, then I should be able to sell ziplock bags full of water for $10 each to those people.

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