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Pandemic tips for the Covid-19, Coronavirus, Chinese Virus

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Here are some random thoughts about the current Covid 19 / China Virus / Coronavirus pandemic. 

This situation has evolved very quickly.  A couple of weeks ago, all was pretty much normal. Here are some thoughts and tips. As with anything you hear about this situation, validate it and use caution. 

Keep your dirty hands out of your pockets

I went into the post office wearing disposable plastic gloves. Ok, that was a good idea, right? When I came out of the Post office, I reached in my pocket to get my car keys. A little voice in my head shouted “HEY DUMBASS, YOU JUST CONTAMINATED THE INSIDE OF YOUR POCKETS”

Yep, if there were any virus particles on my gloves, they were now inside my pockets. I came home, got everything out and threw them in the wash. I also disinfected the keys and whatever else was in my pocket.

A solution for guys might be to put the key and fob into the watch pocket if your jeans have one of those. Another solution would be hooking it on a belt loop with a carbiner clip. A third would be one of those retractable key reels attached to your belt. Get creative so you don’t have to dig into your pockets or handbag

Fresh from the store to your table – Except for a 2 day timeout.

UPDATE – it appears that Covid-19 COULD last for up almost 20 days on hard surfaces

Covid19 can live for a while on a hard surface. BUT it does have a finite life. SO, when you go shopping:

  • Pack the perishables and non perishables in separate bags.
  • Use smooth movements to not put any particles on the bags, boxes or cans into the air.
  • Put the perishables in the freezer/refrigerator. Consider wiping them with a sanitizer. Just don’t spoil the food.
  • Put the plastic or paper bags right in the trash carefully.
  • Put the non perishables in an area where they can sit undisturbed for about 2 days. Depending on what you have, placing them in sunlight from a window would be good. Avoid placing them near HVAC ducts or fans
  • Wash your hands like crazy. Throw your clothes in the hamper, take a shower.

Consider avoiding fresh produce

There have been a rash of videos of <word deleted> who think it is funny to cough on produce and video it. I would avoid unwrapped lettuce and similar items that are eaten uncooked. Things like bananas are in their own skin.

Another thought is that using vinegar/oil MIGHT kill some of the virus. Perhaps someone can chime in on this.

Hats are cool

Guys or girls – The virus can live in an aerosol for 3 hours. That means if someone sneezed, the particles are suspended in the air for a while.

Your hair could pick up particles. Then when you rub your hands through your hair (I do that often to make sure I still have hair), you have contaminated your hands.

Wearing a hat or cap protects your hair to some extent. When you get home, hang it somewhere where it will get sun. Don’t use the same hat for at least a day.

Beware your phone

Try to eliminate the use of your phone while out in public. I have gotten too used to using the phone for shopping lists. If you handle your phone with gloved hands, you might have contaminated your phone.

Check your manufacturer but most phones can be wiped down with an alcohol mix.

Fresh sliced lunch meat and cheese? Not now

About 2 weeks ago I was shopping for my mom. She wanted lunchmeat and cheese . The store removed the ordering kiosks. I picked some pre-sliced meat and cheese. A couple of days later that little voice piped up and said “Hey moron.. That is a bad idea”. The little voice sounds like Don Rickles.

The deli people were wearing gloves. But, there is always a chance of contamination. Plus, THEY WERE NOT WEARING MASKS. I’m not a fan of lunch meat anyway, so I wont’ be missing anything

Soles – Tracking stuff all over

Consider having shoes that you only wear in public. When you get home, take them off immediately. Think about it. Someone sneezes in the store and the droplets settle on the floor. Now you walk through that. When you come home, you could be tracking particles all over the place.

Does he bite? No, but don’t pet him anyway.

If you are taking a walk and a friendly dog comes  by DON”T PET IT. Not to be paranoid, but consider this possibility.

  • The dog’s owner is asymptomatic with Covid-19
  • The owner had just had close contact with the dog

I would insist on maintaining the same social distancing with animals as I would with people. It’s just not worth the risk. Some people will argue “But dogs can’t carry Covid-19”. That might be true, but they can CARRY THE VIRUS PARTICLES on their fur. 

Tip for hand washing

This is halfway serious. Wash your hands as though you have just picked up a pile of dog poo and squeezed it. You want to get ALL of the virus particles off.

Don’t touch your smart watch in public.

Much the same as your phone, touching a smart watch can impart germs to the watch.

Image: PIRO4D / Pixabay

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