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2020 03 19 Sitsum – Food shopping


Sitsum for March 19th 2020. A trip to Giant for food. 

I took a trip to our local Giant food store for supplies. I’m shopping for me and my 90 year old mom. Plus I picked up some things for dinner for the weekend with my Girlfriend. 

As I’m reading this I just read that POTUS might order a ‘shelter in place’. The administration is at least considering that. That will probably push another run on food stores. 

empty bread aisle
empty bread aisle

Out of stock / picked over.

I went at about 830 pm. The store was surprisingly well stocked except for:

  • Meats – You could find a couple of cuts. They did have ham, and ribs. 
  • Poultry – Picked over except for large bags of frozen Perdue tenderloins and they were buy one, get one. 
  • Paper goods – Ha ha ha ha  – Zip – not even tissue paper. 
  • Canned goods were pretty thinned out
  • Frozen veggies – About the only thing left had freezer burn
  • I didn’t check the baby stuff or water.  
  • The regular pasta was picked over. It seems that people don’t understand that rice and noodles are a decent substitute. 
  • Whipped cream??  I don’t even want to go there. 

Things that were in stock

  • Dairy – Surprisingly ok. Milk, yogurt, cheese, artisan cheese etc. 
  • Artisan breads and rolls 
  • Cakes
  • Frozen burgers and frozen chicken
  • Beer and wine – Fine but they limit you to about 2 six packs. 
  • Frozen Seafood – Pretty much OK
  • Lunchmeat – However, they removed the ordering kiosks. I guess that makes sense. But there were only two people working. I ended up getting the pre-cut lunchmeat and cheese for mom. 
  • Fruits and veggies.  Lots of bananas, oranges and other fruits and veggies. 

In other words, you could find more than enough to keep your family well fed. 

Some items were limited to “Two per household per day”. 

I was able to pick up a package of Zicam tablets. They had more but I only needed one. 


The customers and staff seemed relaxed. People were keeping a normal distance.


Tonight was fine. I’m glad I got there before the news about the possible shelter in place order.

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