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Monitor a wood stove in another room with a remote thermometer


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My wood stove is in the basement and my office is in the breezeway. I found an easy way to keep tabs of the state of the fire. 


Accurite remote thermometer for keeping an eye on a wood stove
Accurite remote thermometer for keeping an eye on a wood stove

I purchased a remote thermometer that I was going to install upstairs so I could check the outside temperature in the mornings. It dawned on me that I could use it to check the performance of my wood stove which is located in the basement. 

The thermometer is a no frills Accurite that shows the time, local temperature and remote temperature.  They generally sell for about $10 to $15.

I hung the remote sensor in the rafters above the stove. The basement is unfinished so it was extremely easy to hang the remote sensor. 

The results were good. I could see the temperature rise to above 80 degrees when the stove was really running. As the fire died out, the temperature would slowly drop. 

With a little bit of practice and correlation with a strategically placed Wyze camera, I was able to know when I needed to add more wood or if the wood I had added hadn’t caught. 

Note – In addition to letting me monitor the fire in the wood stove, the thermometer alerted me to an issue that was wasting a LOT of heat.  Namely the loss of heat due to uninsulated ducts


If you have a wood stove in a room other than where you spend the bulk of your time, a remote thermometer may be a good investment.

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