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A Great Sea Song – Barrett’s Privateers by Stan Rogers


Barrett’s Privateers by Stan Rogers is a sea ballad sung by Stan Rogers. It is the story of a sailor who signed on with the Antelope as a privateer to plunder America Ships.

The song is sung a cappella. If you are familiar with ships, the imagery makes you feel as though you are at sea. 

Now the Antelope she was a sickening sight
How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now
She’d a list to the port and her sails in rags
And the cook in the scuppers with the shakes and the jags

The song is something you would find in a harbor pub with everyone singing along.  The complete lyrics can be found here. Mouse over the lyrics and you will see an explanation on the right. Unfortunately Stan Rogers has crossed the bar but he left a great legacy of folksy ballads

Frigate Sailing Ship Sail Ship
Frigate Sailing Ship Sail Ship

Note – The Antelope was probably a sloop. The image above is not of a sloop. 

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