Pokerino – Vintage arcade game

Pokerino Vintage Arcade Game

Pictures and video of Pokerino, a vintage arcade game, at Marty’s Playland in Ocean City Maryland.

Pokerino is a game where you roll rubber balls into holes labelled with poker card values from 9 through Aces. Coupons are awarded based on your hand. Typically it is 25 cents for five balls.  The coupons can be exchanged for various prizes ranging from really cheap plastic rings to electronics. 

We found this example on the boardwalk at Marty’s Playland in Ocean City Maryland. 


Pokerino Vintage arcade game

I wasn’t able to find any references that would indicate when the game first came out. It probably is not as old as Skee Ball  which was patented in 1908. 

The bounciness of the balls means that the results are more or less random. Perhaps after going through a few pounds of quarters, a person might develop enough skill to influence the results. 

On the other hand, it is worth a try. Who knows, you might hit a Royal Flush and get enough coupons for a halfway decent prize.. or a couple dozen pairs of finger cuffs. 

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  1. just want to say i grew up playing these things since the 80’s in OC MD and yeah it takes time but you can get good at them. Play land used to have whole lane of these before the Doughroller fire

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