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Fake Batmobile in Ocean City Maryland


This fake batmobile sits outside the Ocean Gallery in Ocean City Maryland. It is probably a great example of what NOT to do to a car.. except maybe a Prius. 

We came across this … er … whatever while heading to the Caribbean Pool Bar from the boardwalk.  It is parked outside the Ocean Gallery. By the way, the Ocean Gallery has a webcam of the Boardwalk

This ‘vehicle’ is an abomination with just about everything you can think of attached to it… Old keyboards, hair dryers, movie reels, fans and who knows what else.  

The “batmobile” at Ocean Gallery in Ocean City Maryland

I was snickering at it until I realized that it bore some resemblance to my basement. 

Closeup of the
Closeup of the “Batmobile” hood
Historic tags??
Historic tags??

My guess is that it isn’t driveable but I could be wrong. It does have historic plates. That puts it right up there with a mint 1953 Corvette. Seriously, which would you rather drive? 

High visibility windows
High visibility windows
I think they might be snow tires
I think they might be snow tires

Now imagine if someone took this concept and expanded it to an ENTIRE BUILDING?   Nahhh, no one would be crazy enough to do that.. Wait.. Yes they were. The Ocean Gallery building is pretty much the same concept. 


The Ocean Gallery in Ocean City Maryland. Home of the Fake Batmobile
The Ocean Gallery in Ocean City Maryland. Home of the Fake Batmobile

If you want to check this amazing vehicle out for yourself, it is probably at 2nd and the Boardwalk unless the mayor has flashed the bat signal. In that case, my guess is that it would probably still be at 2nd and the boardwalk. 

I heard a rumor that the trademark owner of ‘batman/batmobile’ was going to sue. But every time they lawyers started drawing up the documents they laughed so hard they ended up peeing their suits.

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