Formation Kite Flying

Kites at Ocean City Maryland during the Sunfest 2019 weekend

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A video of formation kite flying in Ocean City, MD. These were five kites being flown in formation through maneuvers during the day and at night. The video also includes views of some of the other kites. 

This year,  2019, the weather was fantastic for kite flying during Ocean City Maryland’s Sunfest weekend. The sky over the beach was filled with kites of every description. 

One thing that caught my eye was a group of five kites being flown in formation and doing acrobatic maneuvers. Each kite was individually controlled. It was almost like watching a silent version of the Blue Angels. That kind of control and teamwork was amazing. It was even more amazing to see this at night. 

In addition to the formation flying, there were dozens of other unique kites. 

There are associations and groups that specialize in team and formation flying.

Whale Kite
Whale Kite
Flying Pigs
Flying Pigs

Of course, there is a joker in every crowd. Someone thought that this would be a good kite. 

Flying Sperm Cell
Flying Sperm Cell

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