Egg cooking in an egg ring

Perfect circle eggs from egg rings


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The egg rings had me frustrated when they leaked and instead of having a circular egg, I had an irregular blob.  I found a technique that really helps make perfect circle eggs

Once in a while, I like to add an egg on top of my hamburger. Until last year, I hadn’t heard of doing that. The frustrating part was trying to get the eggs to not leak through the egg rings. I read one suggestion that I didn’t try which was to use your finger to spread some egg on the ring. 

Silicone egg rings might be better but I have a bunch of the metal rings already. I have a ceramic pan that I beat the heck out of regularly. It’s still going strong. It has a relatively flat surface. 

I decided to try heating the pan AND ring. I sprayed the pan and the ring, especially the inside, with Pam. Then I turned the burner up to 7/10 on the electric range. Let that sit for a couple of minutes but before the oil starts to burn. I then carefully cracked an egg and dropped it in. 

The result is that I get an egg that is perfectly molded. Spraying the inside of the ring allows for easy, no mess, removal. The secret to  success seems to be pre-heating the ring and pouring the egg in slowly. 

Spray the inside of the egg ring and pan with oil and heat.

Pour the egg relatively slowly into the ring.

Carefully crack an egg into the ring.

It is a bit hard to tell from the pic but the egg was a perfect circle. The burnt oil is probably bad for you in a dozen ways. I’ll have to work on that. Perhaps I can just wipe the pan with a paper towel after spraying it. 

Speaking of health, I used to have the store bought ‘breakfast sandwiches’ every morning. I never looked at the salt content. When I did, I was shocked. During the winter I could eat one and de-ice the driveway by peeing on it. It’s something like 30 to 40 percent of your RDA of sodium. 

Now that I have mastered the intricate art of the round egg, I can make my own breakfast sandwiches up in advance or when I want one. I am avoiding those in favor of oatmeal because of the carbs in the bread. 

THe result is a well molded egg.

SUMMARY – The technique needs a little refining but it is giving me an easy way to make eggs for hamburgers, bagels or muffins. 

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