My mattress protector ate itself in the dryer.

A mattress protector that ate itself in the dryer

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I certainly didn’t see this one coming….

It was time for the bi-annual washing of my mattress protector (only kidding).   It is for a full sized bed and covers the whole mattress. A zipper seals it up entirely. 

I didn’t bother to read the washing instructions as per my SOP. I figured cold wash, dry on low temp would work. 

When I went to pull it out of the dryer, I found that it had somehow swallowed itself. The entire sheet and gone into the zipper end. It reminded me of a klein bottle of sorts. 

I didn’t want to pull too hard as I didn’t want to tear the waterproof portion. I found that by tugging gently and then holding it by the end opposite the hole and shaking I could get it to regurgitate itself. After about 10 minutes, I had my sheet back. 


Mattress protector that ate itself in the dryer.

I’m not sure if the tag said to zip it up or not but it probably should be obvious to do so. 

MEMO TO SELF – Zip up next time.

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