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1940 Chevy Police Car – Radiator Springs Sheriff


I found a beautifully restored 1940’s Chevy Cop Car from “Radiator Springs”  in Beach Haven, NJ

I’ve seen this car around town. It is an immaculately restored 1940 Chevy Cop Car with proudly displayed American Flags. 

1940 Chevy Cop Car - Radiator Springs
1940 Police car with the bubble gum / ‘cherry top’ light
1940 Chevy Cop Car - Radiator Springs - Passenger Side

The Grill is classic with lots of chrome. 

Front Grill 1940 Chevy Cop Car
Front Grill 1940 Chevy Cop Car
Interior -  1940 Chevy Cop Car
Interior – 1940 Chevy Cop Car

The interior brings back memories. Most kids today have not idea that you once had to crank the windows. It looks like a turn signal kit was added. That is ironic considering the number of people driving high end cars who apparently have no clue as to how to use a turn signal. 

Looking at the microphone makes me think of “Calling all Cars. Calling all Cars”. 

The rear shows the “Cherry Top”. The gas cap was on the right rear fender. 

Rear - 1940 Chevy Cop Car
Radiator Springs Sheriff Emblem on a 1940 Chevy Cop Car.
Sheriff, Radiator Springs emblem.

I had no clue as to where Radiator Springs was. When I looked it up I realized it simply wasn’t anywhere. Radiator Springs is a fictional town from the Cars cartoon series. 

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