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Jungle Roof Fail


My friend’s neighbor has obviously deferred some critical maintenance.  The roof looks like a Chia Pet gone beserk

I visited my friends recently. The house next to them (A summer home) had been vacant for a couple of years. A crew had been cleaning it up. There was enough poison ivy to give a rash to about 20 thousand people. 

As they were clearing things out, it became apparent that there was a slight issue with the roof. OK, I’ve had gutters that started to resemble Chia Pets as the grass grew in them. But I never had trees growing in my gutters and roof. 

Neglect allows nature to take over. Trees are growing in the gutter and roof.

Random thoughts:

  • The question is, which do you hire first? . . A lawn service or a roofer?
  • Have the roots come through the ceiling yet? 
  • Honey, have you watered the roof today? 

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