Fixing a broken dolly

Repairing a broken weld on a hand truck / dolly

The weld failed that connected the small wheels used when the dolly was in a flat, horizontal position. The fix was relatively easy. 

I have had this dolly for quite a while, perhaps 20 years. I don’t use it that much, but when I do I really need it. The weld for the bracket holding the small wheels used when it was in the flat, horizontal position failed. I had a couple of choices:

I could purchase a new dolly / hand truck for a little over $100.   I don’t want to sound cheap but…. oh heck, I’m cheap. 

The next alternative would be to take it to a welding shop or a friend with a welder. Or, I could purchase a welding outfit. The problems with that approach are (1) It would be as expensive as a new dolly, at least and (2) I have no clue as to how to weld. Any attempt would probably be the equivalent of using Elmer’s glue to repair it. 

That leaves the last alternative which would be to try to repair it mechanically. 

Here is the weld that had the audacity to fail after 20+ years. 


Broken weld on a hand truck.

I had a bracket left over from my speed gate valve project.  This was the exact diameter I needed. I grabbed a bolt, locking nut and two washers. I drilled a hole for the bolt. I used WD-40 for cutting oil. The parts are shown below on my finely finished workshop stool.  


Parts for repairing a broken dolly / hand truck
Closeup of the repair.

You can see the final fix above. Below is one other view.

Another view of the repair for a broken weld on a hand truck / dolly

Summary – I already had the parts. The whole project took about 15 minutes with drilling the hole for the bolt taking up the most time. It most likely falls short of the strength of a good weld but will work for my purposes. Plus, I can put the $100 or more I would have spent to some other use. 

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