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An easier way to load mulch – Quick tip


I am in the process of spreading 4 scoops of mulch in various gardens. Shoveling it into the dump trailer was doable, but tedious. I found a better way.

I tried a flat shovel and a spade. The mulch had been sitting under a tarp for a couple of weeks and it wasn’t that easy to get a good shovel full. 

Instead of shoveling it in where you have to lift and place each shovel full, I simply backed up, dropped the dump trailer and raked it in. Even with the rake it was a little tough but a lot easier than shoveling. I found that a  hand cultivator worked great for breaking up the mulch making it easier to rake in. 

An easier way to load mulch into your dump trailer.

It only makes things a little easier, but when you are spreading a lot of mulch, every bit helps. 

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