Wall from re-purposed cinder blocks

Repurposing old cinder blocks for a garden wall.


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I am in the process of some serious cleanup of two Rhododendron beds at the end of my driveway. I needed a small wall between one of the beds and my neighbor’s property. The solution was to re-purpose some cinder blocks, 4×4’s and pavers that I had.

The beds were invaded by fox grape and honeysuckle. The vines were killing the Rhododendrons. I cleared them and cultivated the soil. However, there were a lot of vines next door.

Below is the bed I was working on. This was after cultivating the soil. It isn’t as obvious as I’d like but there are weedy, vine ridden bushes to the left. I cultivated a bit deeper where I was going to place the 4×4’s . Two four by four’s side by side are equal to the width of a standard cinder block. Using the 4×4’s made things a lot simpler in that I didn’t have to painstakingly level the individual blocks.

Flower bed after cultivating with 4x4' for the wall base.
Pile of surplus pavers and cinder blocks cluttering up my yard.

I had a pile of unused cinder blocks as well as standard 8×16 pavers. The previous owner used the blocks to hold down the pool cover for the winter. I’m planning on nuking the pool as soon as I can. Hopefully this summer.

I simply placed the cinder blocks on top of the 4×4’s and used pavers as a capping. There were a few inches of extra 4×4 but I’m not worried about this as you’d have to pretty much be in the bed to see it. I put three more cinder blocks directly in the dirt and capped them.

Cinder block wall on 4x4's with landscape fabric

I ran the landscape fabric under the 4×4’s. The result is a reasonably straight and true rustic looking wall.

Below is a view with the mulch and four blocks extending the wall. That is further back from the street and any deviance isn’t as noticable.

Cinder block wall addition to flower bed
Flower bed with finished cinder block wall section

Here is a view from the street.


  • A 12′ garden wall cost ZERO as I had all the materials
  • By re-purposing, I got rid of some of the clutter in the back yard.
  • Time to build was less than an hour including hauling the materials to the bed.
  • The wall will help to some degree in keeping the vines and overgrowth at bay.
  • Eventually the pressure treated 4×4’s will rot. Perhaps in 5 to 10 years. At that time, it will be a simple matter of purchasing two new 4×4’s and rebuilding the wall. That will probably take less than a half hour.
  • IMPORTANT – This only works because this is NOT a retaining wall. It is meant as a barrier to prevent the beds from being quickly overrun by brush and vines.

Update August 2020

The wall has held up well. I was wondering if there would be any settling due to frost but

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