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1950’s Crash – Philadelphia PA


A photo from either the late 1940’s or early 1950’s of a car that crashed into a store in Philadelphia

This was a car that crashed into my Grandparent’s candy store. Both buildings and cars were built tough in those days. The store had minor damage and the car, well, it was either totaled or needed some serious work.

The store was in the Frankford section of Philadelphia at Stiles and Orthodox streets.

Car crashed into a candy store in the early 1950's. Stiles and Orthodox streets, Philadelphia, PA
Crashed Car in the early 1950's. Stiles and Orthodox streets, Philadelphia, PA

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3 Responses to 1950’s Crash – Philadelphia PA

  • That is the corner of Tacony and Orthodox streets. Stiles street is a couple blocks away. The building in the background bottom photo is part of Greek Catholic church. Check it out on goggle maps

    • Thank you for the clarification. You are absolutely correct. That picture was most likely taken by my father. He has since passed so I’m guessing on some of this. I’ll correct the post as soon as I get a chance. I can see two of the buildings in google maps which match up to the original photo.


  • Great photos by the way. The location peaked my interest. I traveled that area a lot in my younger days.

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