Pool Pump Shlock Fix

Pool Pump Pipe Shlock Job

Last Updated on 2 years by Christopher G Mendla

This is truly a shlock job. But it worked.

I was playing “Which of the 14323 jobs on my list do I do now?”. The follow on is Choose ONE : Right or Fast.

A shlock job fix for a pool pump.. Silicone sealer, duct tape and two C Clamps.

In this case, I opted for fast. The pipe was leaking at the connection just after the pump outlet. In other words, this was a section of pipe that carries high pressure water.

The coupling had cracked and the O ring was bad. So, I added some silicone seal and grabbed two larger C Clamps. .. Oh, and I added a little duct tape for good measure.

The funny thing is that it worked for two summers.

Side note – I’m planning on nuking the pool when I have an extra five grand or so. It’s a 22,000 in ground gunite pool. The bond beam and tiles are cracked. There are some minor cracks in the gunite. But, the deciding factor is that the neighbor’s trees and my trees shade the pool and dump a never ending stream of debris. I was spending well over $1500 per year in chemicals and electricity. Since the pool is shaded during all but the summer solstice week, heating it costs a small fortune. It will remain permanently closed until I can get it demolished.

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