Going Batty

A bat in the house

I was working in my office late at night when I caught a glimpse of something flying around.

At first I thought it was a super big bug. Then I realized it was a bat. My dad had always been leery of bats and rabies. From what I could gather, a kid he knew died of rabies from a bat bite.

I tried opening the door to the outside, going into the kitchen and closing the door to the kitchen. Well, Einstein the bat flew up to the door about 10 times but wouldn’t go out. He missed the completely open door but was able to fly into the kitchen.

I didn’t want to have this thing in the house all night while I was sleeping so I grabbed a broom. Bats are notoriously hard to hit as they are fast and make good use of their sonar. However, mini batman was no match for my ninja/samurai like reflexes. Within a minute he was tail spinning down to the kitchen floor.

I grabbed him with the handy dandy grabbers and tossed him outside on the off chance he might survive. But alas, poor bat, he met his maker.

As to how he got into the house, I haven’t the slightest clue.

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