Replacing the flame tents on a barbecue grill

Don’t throw that grill out yet.


One of the first things to go on most grills are the flame tents. The angled metal that goes over the burners. They are very easy and inexpensive to replace

I bought a four burner Brinkman grill for about $100 at and end of the season sale four years ago. We use it year round. There is nothing like grilling a steak in a snowstorm. Over the years, the flame tents turned into a rusty mess. Other than that, the grill was in great shape.

Rather than toss it and spend $150-$200 for a new grill, I simply replaced the tents. You can find them at almost any store that sells grills or online. Prices range from about $15 for two in stainless steel or $15 for four in porcelain coated steel. This will save you money and time.

Note – while you are at it, make sure that the rest of the grill is OK, especially the gas lines and burners.

Replacing the flame tents on a barbecue grill.

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