Replacing a Moen Faucet Cartridge

Replacing a Moen Faucet Cartridge


The hot water on my kitchen faucet was leaking for a while. It was one of those things I just wasn’t able to get to. I decided to try replacing the cartridge instead of the faucet.

I ordered the appropriate Moen cartridge from Amazon. The nice thing is that there aren’t that many different cartridges so that part was easy. I figured I’d give it a try for $15 or so. If it didn’t work, I’d run out and purchase the whole faucet.

The first step was to shut the water off.

The handle came off easily.

Once the handle was off, I removed the collar

Removing the old cartridge was a little harder than I expected. Heck, it was in there for well over 10 years and didn’t want to come out. I tried covering it with towels and turning the water on. That didn’t work. It took a couple of minutes of pulling and it popped out.

It didn’t look that much different from the new cartridge.

I made sure that everything was clean inside the faucet by flushing it for a few seconds and wiping it out with a paper towel. The new cartridge popped right in. All I needed to do at that point was put the collar and handle back on .

The end result was that a $$$ Hot water leak $$$ was stopped along with an annoying drip. The cost and TIME was a lot less than if I had replaced the entire faucet.

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