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Remote locks and lockboxes for your home.


There may be times when you are away and you need to allow access to your house.  There are a few ways to accomplish this.

Why would you need to allow someone into your house when you are not available?  Some scenarios are:

  • You are on vacation and you need a neighbor to check your sump pump.
  • You need to let a trusted repairman into the house.
  • Someone living alone is ill and needs to allow a caregiver access.
  • You or your children forget to take their keys.
Lockboxes and remote entry for your home.
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That might sound silly but the other day, the mailman once again left mail at our house that was meant for someone else. Actually, the address was from the other side of town. I ran out to chase him down and instinctively locked the door. Fortunately I had my keys with me but it would by easy to run out, lock the door and not have the keys.

There are options available that range from very low tech to high tech solutions.  You can choose one or more solutions.

Low tech.

The simplest solution is a lock box similar to what realtors have used for decades. It is a sturdy metal box that can be attached to a doorknob. When you enter the correct combination, they box opens to reveal the keys. The prices range from about $15 to $30.

Lockboxes are Inexpensive, not dependent on electricity and simple. However, many people won’t change the combination after use. Someone with the right tools could force the box open. In reality though, it would take a lot less effort to force the door open.

Electronic Lock Boxes

I prefer the mechanical lockboxes especially since they will often take a beating from the weather. . Some people might prefer an electronic version.

The electronic versions range from about $40 to several hundred dollars

Electronic door locks ad dependent on electricity. They are also more complex and  expensive.

Mechanical Combination Door Locks.

With a mechanical combination door lock you don’t have to worry about batteries or electricity. However, after time, the wear will give intruders a good hint as to the combination.

Wifi and Electronic Door Locks

Instead of keeping the key in a lockbox, some locks are Wifi Enabled. Others are simply electronic locks.  With some models, you can set codes for guests. In the case of Wifi models, you can allow access with your phone. I’m a bit wary of these solutions as any security flaw could allow your system to be compromised.

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