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Giant Yellow Tag strikes again – Pork Chops


Once again I got lucky with a Giant Yellow Tag sale. Most stores will discount meats that are approaching their ‘sell by’ date.  I ended up with 7 nice thin pork chops for less than six dollars.

I have also been having some luck at Wal-mart. They have similar markdowns.  I decided to do them all up at one shot. I rinsed them off, pounded them with a meat mallet. Then added a mix of balsamic vinegar, oil and a small amount of rub.  I did get a bit distracted by some shiny objects and left them on a couple of minutes too long. It didn’t ruin them though. I’ve been taking them from the fridge and putting a light coating of honey barbecue sauce  on the top. Then I microwave it for 1 minute on high. If they are frozen, I use the auto defrost setting and then microwave them with the barbecue sauce.

Yellow tag meats beat the heck out of discount cat food if you are on a tight budget.

Side note – I learned why my aluminum meat mallet was marked “Do not put in the dishwasher’. Well, I put it in the dishwasher the last time I used it. When I pulled it out of the drawer it had a light coating of black oxidation. It came off easily but I won’t do that again.

Yellow Tag Pork Chops
Chops on the Grill

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