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How heavy is that log?


I was cutting and stacking some large pieces of White Oak that Asplundh had trimmed for Peco. They left the logs neatly stacked by the street.

They seemed heavy. I found a free online calculator that gives you an idea of what any given log weighs.

They were  about 2′ which is a bit long for my stove so I cut them in half into lengths of about one foot.  They were right off the tree which meant they were green and heavy.  I was curious as to the weight of the logs after taking 6 trailer loads to stack in the back yard.   The short take is that they were heavy.

I found an online log weight calculator. You choose the wood species and enter the diameter of each end and the length. It will then give you an estimate of the weight.   The results  for me were as shown below.  The are a number of other calculators available including a metric version of the log weight calculator.

The larger logs I was handling were about 12″ in diameter and about 1 foot long. When I ran that through the calculator, it came out to about 52 pounds. That seems pretty much on target.

Log Weight Calculator
Logs stacked for firewood
Logs stacked for firewood

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