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A quick fix for a broken Ford key fob


 I’ve had Explorers and Mountaineers. One annoying problem is that the keyring part of the key fob breaks. Here is a solution

There is a fairly simple fix. It requires some epoxy and a picture hangar frame.

  1. Clean the back of the fob
  2. Mix the epoxy
  3. Secure the hangar to the back of the fob. Be sure not to expoxy where the fob separates in the event you need to change the battery


The end result isn’t necessarily pretty but it works.

Key Fob FIx

There are other options. You can purchase replacement key fobs for $10-$20 each.  The key fobs have to be programmed to the vehicle. The process is a little tricky. The fobs come with instructions. I wasn’t sure if I would have to reprogram all of my fobs or not so I just fixed the keyring part.

Note – the fobs below are not necessarily for Fords.

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