Booster fan for forced air heat

Add a booster fan for chilly rooms with hot air registers (works with air conditioning also)


Last Updated on 11 months by Christopher G Mendla

I have forced air central heat. My office is in a breezeway and doesn’t get quite enough heat. A simple solution is a booster fan for your register.

Most hot air systems have a series of dampers in the ductwork that you can adjust to provide the right level of heat in each zone. However, that is a tedious process.

An alternative is an automatic booster fan such as the one pictured above. When in the heating mode, the fan senses when the heat is on and will turn on to boost the flow. My breezeway office is about 140 square feet and poorly insulated. The fan has made a significant improvement in the comfort level of the room.

Getting the setting correct the first time takes a little patience. However, once it is set you can simply forget about it.

There are other variations that replace the existing register grill but this seems to be the simplest solution.  This can save some heating and cooling costs especially if the room where you spend a significant amount of time is not getting it’s portion of the airflow.


I’ve had this model for a couple of years now. It makes a huge difference in the comfort level of my office.

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