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Create a resume infographic with vizualize.me


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You can turn your resume into an interactive infographic. It is a tool that allows you to make an interactive infographic from your resume

I stumbled on to this today. It is a tool that allows you to make an interactive infographic from your resume. The concept is intriguing. In order to create the infographic, you go to the Vizualize.me site.  You get a choice of signing in with your LinkedIn account or signing up with an email. I opted for using the LinkedIn method. Keep in mind that you need to allow the Vizualize.me site access to some of your LinkedIn information.  If you go the LinkedIn route, Vizualize.me will pull your data from your LinkedIn profile.

This isn’t a perfect process as I had to edit the time and level of my skills.

You can see my profile, which is a work in process, at:

NOTE – The vizualize.me site is NOT on https. Use at your own risk. Consider if you want to put personal information on this site.

vizualizeme resume Infographic
vizualizeme resume Infographic

The infographic is interactive. If you mouse over experience in the timeline, it will show details.

You want to think carefully about how you use this in your job search. For one thing, any gaps in employment will stand out. Also, only six skills are currently listed. Vizualize me will pick up any social profiles you had listed on LinkedIn and will include them. You should double check to make sure they are pointing to the correct profile.

Also, I believe that in today’s environment (2018), you still have to go with a traditional resume when applying for positions. An infographic resume would probably be best suited to things like:

  • A link in your email signature.
  • A link in any online portfolios you have published.
  • A link on your business cards. I’m not sure if you can have a simpler address or if it has random characters. You could always use a service such as Bitly for a shorter URL. 

My feeling is that resumes of the future will either be created by job seekers in this type of infographic format or recruiters will use a similar tool to convert your resume to a graphic. This type of infographic probably applies more to creative and tech type positions. I’m not sure if it would work for something like an entry level accounting position.

Update November 2019

It doesn’t appear that the site has taken off. The fact that it is on http vs https says that it is not in full production.

On the other hand, it is a good proof of concept. This is not a replacement for a traditional resume but an infographic could be very valuable on a portfolio site.

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