Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1960’s television)


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One of the iconic television shows I grew up with was “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”. I even had a Seaview bathtub toy.

The show featured a futuristic submarine, The Seaview, that had nuclear missiles, a flying sub, anti air missiles, a mini sub, a diving bell. In addition there was always something or someone trying to destroy the world or at least the Seaview. 

The first year was black and white. The next three were in color.

The threat of the day included foreign powers, aliens, time travelers, crewman gobbling monsters and an occasional megalomaniac. There are a number of episodes where the Americans work with the Russians. I don’t think that the younger crowd realizes the tensions between the east and west at the time.

As you watch, you see some horrendous plot holes. This was in the time before the internet and IMDB so even when someone noticed, there wasn’t really anyone to share it with. Some examples:

  • A scene at the North Pole where the Seaview breaks through the ice. They have an Ice tractor the size of a Caterpillar D-5 .  How the heck did they get that onto the ice (Maybe through the minisub’s hatch?”
  • A scientist becomes affected by the surrounding water and grows into a giant. … but.. so do his clothes. I guess having a naked giant just wouldn’t do for 1960’s prime time Television.

Another recurring theme is members of the crew being taken over by aliens or some evil invention by the bad guys.

However, given all of that, it is fun to watch again. Episodes are currently up on Youtube. Simply search for “Voyage to the bottom of the sea”. The quality varies and in many cases, the frame is cut off. But, no matter, I usually put the episode on another monitor screen while working.

There is a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Episode guide with a list of all episodes and details about the plot and actors.  If you want to watch sequentially, you can just search Youtube for “Voyage to The Bottom of the Sea The Price of Doom” . In other words, search for Voyage to the bottom of the sea plus the episode name.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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