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Yellow tag sales at the supermarket


I missed this one for the longest time. When my GF has me over for dinner, she would often say “This was a yellow tag sale”.   I happened to be in our local Giant Foods on a Tuesday night and saw a bunch of stuff with yellow tags. One example is below. A $10 T-Bone steak for $5.   I bought a pair of them. My son applied his grilling skills and homemade marinade and we had a fantastic dinner.

Most markets will mark down their meats when they are close to their expiration date. In the case of our local Giant, They usually do this on Wednesdays but you can find yellow tags on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Since the products have been on the shelves for a bit, you need to either use it or freeze it. We have a vacuum sealer so that works great if you plan on freezing it and not using it within a week or so.

Another advantage of this is that it gets me to try cuts of meat I might not have purchased otherwise.

Save Money with Yellow tags

Ask the people in the meat department if and when they markdown the meat and be in for a treat.



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