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Should I wait for the next tow truck?


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When the tow truck shows up with Killer Clowns painted on it, do you get in? 

My Ford Exploder (Found on Road Dead) decided to live up to it’s name and die on the road. All of the gauges started to go haywire like you’d expect to see in a bad movie about alien visitations. I got over to the side of the road and it went Kaput.   I called my friendly roadside assistance and they dispatched a flatbed.  When he pulled up in front of me, I saw the killer clowns on the flatbed.

Let’s put it this way, had the driver gotten out with anything resembling clown makeup, big floppy shoes or weird clown clothes, I would have been out of my truck doing a roadrunner imitation.

Anyway, he turned out to be a decent guy and dropped me and my Ford off at the local Meineke for an alternator transplant.

This Flatbed showed up decorated with Killer Clowns.
Would you get in the truck when it’s decorated with Killer Klowns?

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